Our Pledge To Kick Hunger

Martial arts has not only been a passion for us but also an avenue for self-improvement.

We have always felt that martial arts should go beyond just physical health and encompass growth of character. That etiquette, courtesy, respect, compassion and strength are parts that make up a whole of what martial arts training is.

To put to practice the noble traits developed in the dojo and apply them in the world outside.

It has always been one of our goal’s to help reduce suffering and make the world a better place but we are a small growing brand and conventional wisdom would say that we can only do so much.

But if martial arts has taught us anything it is that “soft overcomes hard and small overcomes large.”

Change only happens when you act.


It is why we want to act now and contribute to making a difference no matter how small.

This year we would like to combat world hunger – there are many crises happening all around the world from a potential humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan to worsening food situation in Yemen – both in the developed and developing world there are people still going hungry.

Our goal is to donate a percentage of every sale made to provide meals via the world food programme and other related charities to be distributed to the places most in need.

We hope our customers who have shopped with us and new customers ordering with us will support us.

A meal counter will be provided below to show the number of meals that have been donated. This meal counter will also be updated at monthly intervals to reflect the number of meals we have raised together!


Let’s put into practise what we learn in the dojo and kick hunger together!