FUDO Professional Premium Aluminium Speed Skipping Jump Rope


Why Choose Our Jump Ropes?

Simply put our jump ropes are designed to last and we feel among the best in the market. From an aluminium handle that does not break to a replaceable PVC coated steel rope that lasts longer than conventional skipping ropes. Meaning you can skip rope as part of your workout day in day out. Consistency breeds results and our jump ropes are designed to keep you skipping and enjoying your workout.


Optimal Construction

Our Fudo Premium Jump Rope is constructed from a durable wear resistant aluminium alloy handle with a non-slip silicone cover that provides grip and comfort. Designed with a built in integrated 360 degrees ball bearing connection that gives a smooth stable jump rope rotation allowing you to skip faster or slower depending on the intensity of your workout.


Skip Rope Longer

Our Fudo Premium Jump Rope is specially fitted with a 3m adjustable wear resistant PVC coated steel rope that is incredibly durable and perfect for outdoor/indoor skipping. Easy to replace so you can keep on skipping! 


Consistency Breeds Results

Our Fudo Premium Jump Rope is designed for anyone who wants to skip regularly and consistently as part of their workout routine.


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Customer Reviews

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Reza Hosseinpour
Great jumping rope

This is really a great jump rope. Its handles are smooth and comfortable. The rope itself is really a thin cable that is covered with some sort of plastic. It is thin enough and heavy enough to cut through the air nicely, yet light enough not to hurt too much if (more like when) you catch your toes. It is also just rigid enough not to collapse on you if you choose to jump rope slowly. So it offers a wide range of jumping speeds. I am very happy with it and thoroughly recommend it.