IKKEN Premium Embroidered Professional Grade Karate Black Belt

Size 260cm
Embroidery Colour Red

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Please note that this item is made to order. Please check the made to order tab for more information.

Made from 100% premium thick cotton or 100% premium soft silk.

We believe a martial arts belt is a symbol of hard-work, dedication and effort.

A black belt especially signifies an important milestone for many martial artists. It represents consistency/perseverance to the dō and a solid grounding in a martial art.

For many a black belt can take years, a decade or more of dedication to an art, a philosophy, a way of life and betterment of the self.

This is why our black belts are designed to provide unrivalled quality, comfort and durability for all those years of training to come.

Our black belts come in two different types; a standard version and an embroidered version for those that want to customize their belts.

All our martial arts belts come with the IKKEN SPORTS logo representing the old samurai adage of Ikken Hissatu to give your all in every technique you execute.

Make your art a lifestyle!


Made To Order

Please be advised that this belt is made to order. Approximate manufacturing time is 2 to 6 weeks not including additional time for delivery to you of 5-10 working days.

Please note that currently there are significant international delivery delays. Expected made to order timescales are now approximately 4 to 8 weeks until further notice.


Washing & Care

If you would like to soften our belts we recommend thoroughly twisting and smacking the belt (to loosen up the fibres) before soaking it in warm water with a fabric softener. We will add though that good quality belts are meant to be rigid as they are made from thick cotton and are designed to soften with use.

A sign of a good quality martial arts belt is stiffness/thickness. A poor quality belt will be flexible, thin and malleable.

For washing: always quick wash at under 30 Celsius or for best results soak in antibacterial detergent. Leave belt to dry naturally.

Avoid washing belts with any whites including your Karate uniform!

To insure robustness avoid ironing belt.

Please note that customized goods and made to order products have a manufacturing timescale of between 2 to 8 weeks.

This excludes an additional 5-10 working days for us to deliver your custom made order to you.

Shipping times will vary according to your region. For more information regarding your estimated shipping time please refer to your order confirmation email.

Estimated shipping times in the UK are within 3 working days.

Estimated shipping times in Europe are within 3 to 7 working days.

Estimated shipping times worldwide vary from 7 to 10 working days.

All items are subject to a returns policy of 14 days except items that are made to order. In case of returns please contact us for more information.

Please note as these custom embroidered belts are manufactured specifically for you and to your design specifications unfortunately it cannot be returned for a refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tony mason
Best quality ever

I had my 2 second dan belt made by these excellent quality best belt I have ever had I now want my third dan of them excellent quality

Jeffrey Watterson

Thanks IKKEN SPORTS for my black Silk belt, I have had a couple of black belts over 17 years of practising Karate, and this has got to be the best one, excellent quality And embroidery, thanks a lot good Luck and take care. Arigato goziemas.

Paul Lee
Very Happy!!!

I bought this as a gift for a family member who recently passed his shodan examination. It's my first experience with the ikken brand and I am extremely happy with the embroidered belt I received. The size, embroidery design and fabric quality was exactly what I wanted. The process was relatively simple from order to finish. The sales team was also very helpful throughout.

I will say that it did take a bit longer than the stated manufacturing time however that was to be expected what with the pandemic and worldwide delivery delays. I will say to anyone purchasing this belt to expect a slight delay but for me it was worth the wait.

The quality was top notch for the price and the gift was very appreciated.

Definitely recommend to others!