IKKEN Karate Judo Taekwondo Martial Arts Belts | Thick Cotton

Size 220cm
Color Red

Made from 100% premium thick cotton.

We believe a martial arts belt is a symbol of hard-work, dedication and effort.

This is why our martial arts belts are designed to provide quality, comfort and durability.

The thickness of our belts insures longevity and durability in comparison to thinner belts. 

All our martial arts belts come with the IKKEN SPORTS logo representing the old samurai adage of Ikken Hissatu to give your all in every technique you execute.

Make your art a lifestyle!


Washing & Care

If you would like to soften our belts we recommend thoroughly twisting and smacking the belt (to loosen up the fibres) before soaking it in warm water with a fabric softener. We will add though that good quality belts are meant to be rigid as they are made from thick cotton and are designed to soften with use.

A sign of a good quality martial arts belt is stiffness/thickness. A poor quality belt will be flexible, thin and malleable.

For washing: always quick wash at under 40 Celsius or for best results soak in antibacterial detergent. Leave belt to dry naturally.

Avoid washing belts with any whites including your Karate uniform!

To insure robustness avoid ironing belt.

Add Embroidery Now.

Please be advised that any customizations or embroidery to products have to be made to order and will take approximately 2 to 8 weeks to manufacture. All customized uniforms, belts, equipment or gear will always be manufactured fresh at our partner factory.

Wash at 30 celsius or 40 celsius for minimal shrinkage.

Do not bleach.

Dry uniform naturally.

Always wash uniforms separately and avoid washing whites with colours.

To insure uniform longevity always iron inside out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ikken orange belt

Absolutely in love with the product, it came in great packaging and you can use the bag it came in as storage to protect the belt, the belt is also really good quality, it's stiff enough but malleable enough to not be uncomfortable when worn. And the care instructions come on an amazing Japanese print, as an artist that was the cherry on top!
Fantastic product and will definitely be coming here for my future belts and gear.

Reza Hosseinpour
Very nice belt!

I am very pleased with this belt. It is made of pure cotton and is quite robust and nicely made. Another thing that I really like about it is that it is somewhat stiffer than most other belts, which means that it maintains its shape, even after being washed several times. This makes it sit nicely on your waist; it doesn't just dangle shapelessly, which I dislike. It looks crisp and formal as though you are dressing to attend an official martial arts's ceremony. It feels like a Samurai's belt (no harm in dreaming). I have done different forms of martial arts over the years, and have therefore had many different brands of belts before; this one is my favourite. I am now a beginner in karate and have therefore a white belt. As I go up the grades (hopefully), I will definitely be buying my future colour belts of the same brand.

Bought Through Amazon Italy

Ottimo !

Cintura karate rossa

Cintura adatta ai colori usati nei kumite del karate. La tonalità è sobria. Il tessuto rientra nella media della categoria.

Bought Through Amazon Germany

Der Gürtel ist nicht so steif wie die anderen.Sehr schnelle und gute Lieferung.Nach dem waschen ist die Farbe und Form geblieben.Für den Preis ein sehr guter Gürtel.Empfehlenswert.